From loading to distribution, it is with Vertimix AC! With the vertical mixing system, it works with any kind of bulk, pellets, and concentrate.

In addition, it has an exclusive and independent loading system, for total precision in weighing.


Mais eficiência do carregamento à distribuição: conheça a Vertimix Autocarregável



1. New Rotor and Desenser Arm!

Independent of the Bucket for total precision in weighing, besides reaching the highest height of the market.

Bica de descarga ajustável

2. Rear scraper!

Hydraulically controlled by the tractor and assists in loading the diet.

Células de cargas de flexão

3. Vertical Screw and spreading knives.

Low power consumption of the tractor and carries out the mixing with only 20% of its total load capacity.

Balança eletrônica

4. Rear Screw Conveyor (Casale Patent).

The only one in the market that guarantees easy maintenance in the field!

Balança eletrônica

5. Balança Eletrônica

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.

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