The RX 270 TechBull, a new concept of total feed mixer with innovative and exclusive technology to increase the results of your feedlot.

It is intelligence at the service of livestock farming, with an exclusive system of protection, monitoring and control that increases the
agility, comfort and safety of the operation.




1. Computador de bordo com tela de 7 polegadas!

Intelligent anti-breakage software, overload alerts and preventive maintenance, as well as automatic control of loading, mixing and unloading speed.

Bica de descarga ajustável

2. Three surveillance cameras!

To monitor loading, unloading and backing operations.

Células de cargas de flexão

3. Exclusive independent front wheel drive system!

Independent rotor thread drive, allowing reversing.

Balança eletrônica

4. New maintenance access platform!

More agility in maintenance.

Rodado tandem transitar em terrenos acidentados

5. Automatic lubrication of bearings and drive chains!

Reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

Rodado tandem transitar em terrenos acidentados

6. Balança Eletrônica

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.

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