Totalmix SC, the feed mixer with Totalmix technology with over 30 years on the market, now for supplementation on pasture.

Versatility defines Totalmix SC, as it is possible to work with bran and cottonseed, as well as with the total ration, according to the needs of each property.

For treatment during the rainy season, Totalmix SC has a retractable system for covering the bucket as a standard item.


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Totalmix SC in action


Caçamba com design anti-compactação

1. Caçamba com design Anti-Compactação patenteado pela Casale!

Exclusive Casale patent! More productivity, eliminating the compaction effect of the mixture in the corners of the bucket.
Sistema de mistura

System with 3 solid horizontal threads!

Guarantee of full use of the bucket.

Balança eletrônica

3. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.
Chupim Articulado

Discharge through Chupim and hose with articulation!

Versatility for height adjustment and unloading distance.

bica de descarga PVC

Discharge spout by PVC mat (Optional)

To use a total diet with short fibers and adjustment for different trough heights.

Tampa de proteção traseira

Rear protection cover!

Ease and safety in operation!

Lona para cobertura

Canvas for series coverage!

For treatment in rainy periods.

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