Haybuster H-1000 is a high production hay Mill/Crusher from USA, for large round or prismatic bales, with spreading belt and wet or dry grain grinding kit.

Ideal for crushing large round or square bales of hay, as well as prismatic bales, crop residues, straw, stems, leaves, etc.

Equipped with funnel for grinding cereals into grains (corn, soy, sorghum) with excellent yield


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Haybuster H-100 in action.


1. Big Bite hammer mill

The 64 swinging hammers are organized into eight heavy hammer rods.

2. V-type 8-belt drive system

More strength and agility! It generates greater rotation that provides high production capacity and speed.

3. Helical screws in the discharge hopper

It ensures product transfer to a clean, leak-free environment under the tubular mill

4. Conveyor belt

Transportation of hydraulically controlled material.

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