Rotormix SC feed mixer is Rotormix technology for pasture supplementation, ideal for working on rough terrain.

Rotormix accepts the use of several by-products without causing damage to the fibers, such as: ground or flaked corn, pellets, high moisture ingredients and compounds of up to 3 cm of sugar cane, chopped hay and green grass.

In addition, Rotormix has the exclusive Rotoflex-Eco rotor, which allows ranchers to gain productivity and save up to 15% in fuel.


High-grain diet.

Rotormix SC in action.



1. Rotoflex-Eco

Exclusive Casale patent! Greater resistance and more economy, with a reduction of up to 15% in fuel.
Bica de descarga ajustável

2. Adjustable discharge chute

More Flexibility! Adjustable according to the needs of the trough.
Células de cargas de flexão

3. Bending load cells

Accuracy and longevity! Sensor that sends signals to the scale, preserving the correct weighing of the diet.
Balança eletrônica

4. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.
Rodado tandem transitar em terrenos acidentados

5. Tandem wheelset

Durability to travel over rough terrain like pastures.
Rodado tandem transitar em terrenos acidentados

6. Fundo construído em inox ou inox total (opcional)

Construção do fundo da caçamba em inox ou construção total em inox podendo ser escovado ou pintado (opcional)

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