Rotormix feed mixer is a smart technology at the service of the rancher. It is ideal to support the Brazilian working conditions. It mixes the total feed fast and in a short time, and ensures homogeneity and palatability to the cattle.

Rotormix accepts the use of several by-products without causing damage to the fibers, such as: ground or flaked corn, pellets, high moisture ingredients and compounds of up to 3 cm of sugar cane, chopped hay and green grass.

In addition, Rotormix has the exclusive Rotoflex-Eco rotor, which allows ranchers to gain productivity and save up to 15% in fuel.


Rotormix 65 with stepped beating rotor, preserving the pallet

Rotormix Profi Truck

Rotormix 65 with stepped beating rotor, preserving the pallet



1. Rotoflex-Eco

Exclusive Casale patent! Greater resistance and more economy, with a reduction of up to 15% in fuel.
ROTOFLEX Correntes Duplas

2.Double Chains

More strength and durability! Driving system sized for equipment that operates with volumes above 20m³.

Células de Cargas ROTOFLEX

3. Load Cells

Accuracy and longevity! Sensor that sends signals to the scale, preserving the correct weighing of the diet.
Balança eletrônica

4. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.
Inox Total Rotomix

5. Fundo construído em inox ou inox total (opcional)

Construção do fundo da caçamba em inox ou construção total em inox podendo ser escovado ou pintado (opcional)
Ponto de engraxe Rotomix

6. Greasing point

Easy maintenance! Single greasing point!
Caixa de engrenagens Rotomix

7. Gear box

Rear gear, avoiding overloading the tractor head!
Placas Magnéticas Rotomix

8. Placa magnética (opcional)

Important for the retention of metallic residues that may be in the diet.
Bica de descarga Telescópica

9. Bica de decarga com regulagem de altura

Mais flexibilidade. Regulagem de acordo com a necessidade e altura do cocho.
Chassi tubular Rotomix

10. Tubular chassis

Maior resistência à torção!

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