LEC HYDRO distributes manure and solid organic compounds. it is ideal for optimizing livestock by-products for greater use of pasture and crop fertilization. In addition, it can be used for poultry litter and compost barn.

The distribution width of LEC is up to 12m, varying according to the moisture, density and other characteristics of the material to be distributed.

The only machine on the market with a hot dipped galvanized steel bucket and tandem wheelset with spring for less soil compaction and rough terrains such as pastures.


Know about LEC.

LEC in action


1. Hot dipped galvanized steel bucket.

A Casale’s exclusive product! Greater durability.

2. Distribution width up to 12 meters.

High performance! Helicoids with high capacity spreading system.

3. Guillotine-type hydraulic cover.

Flexibility in operation! Allows the use of the bucket to transport fodder.

4. Head with spring beam suspension system (model 8511)

Less impact on the equipment, allowing greater durability!

5. Tandem wheelset with spring

Designed for transportation over rough terrains!

6. Hydraulic reducing motor

More precision! It controls the distribution of the material.

7. Load supplement (Optional).

Greater use! Maximum machine capacity utilization.

8. Belt system with reinforced chains and cleats

Greater reinforcement for working with denser by-products.

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