It is the total feed spreader that was developed to serve the management of large-scale feedlots and semi-feedlots. It optimizes the distribution of the procedures with quality, eliminates waste, has low maintenance cost and reduces unwanted shutdowns.

The Feeder spreader has two low RPM conveyor screws that prevent the compaction of the total feed by making it circulate between the front and rear more easily. In addition, the discharge is made through a chute with four quick screws, gaining agility and less time in the distribution of the procedures.


Roscas transportadoras Feeder

1. Conveyor screws

More savings! Mixing movement system with low consumption of the truck power.
Bica de descarga com 4 roscas rápidas Feeder

2. Discharge chute with 4 quick screws

More agility in the discharge of the diet!
Inox total Feeder

3. Total Stainless Steel

Greater durability! Total stainless-steel construction.
Balança eletrônica

4. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in distribution.

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