Feeder SC is the spreader of mineral supplement and concentrate for pasture supplementation. It allows distribution of the treatment in rainy periods due to the protective tarpaulin, thus increasing the profitability of supplementation in all periods.

The Feeder SC bucket is made of hot dipped galvanized steel and a stainless-steel bottom for greater protection against abrasion. In addition, it has a super reinforced tandem wheelset for movement in rough terrain and pastures.


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Rodado tandem Feeder Sc

1. Rodado Tandem com feixe de molas acima de 7,5m³

Projetado para movimentação com carga acima de 7,5m³ em terrenos acidentados.
Rodado tandem Feeder Sc

2. Tandem wheelset

More durability! Designed for transportation over rough terrains.
Lona retrátil para cobertura

3. Retractable tarpaulin for coverage

More profitability in any period! Coverage for procedures in water periods.
Chupim com rosca de descarga dobrável Feeder Sc

4. Foldable discharge conveyor screw

Makes all routes easier! In transportation in the pasture, gates or limited spaces.
Caçamba construída em aço galvanizado a fogo

5. hot dipped galvanized steel bucket

Lasts longer! More protection against salt and urea corrosion.
Balança eletrônica

6. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.

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