Totalmix AC feed mixer can be operated by a single person, from loading to distribution, and ensures uniform and precise unsilage without damaging the silo, keeping it always well compacted.

Totalmix AC grinds and mixes homogeneously any type of roughage, including hay bales up to 15 kg and pre-dried silage associated with feed, minerals and cotton seed.

In addition, with the exclusive and patented anti-compaction bucket design, Totalmix AC provides a more aerated mix and increases the palatability of the total feed.


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Caçamba com design anti-compactação

1. Bucket with anti-compaction design

Exclusive Casale patent! More productivity, eliminating the compaction effect of the mixture in the corners of the bucket.
Fresa rotativa Totalmix AC

2. Rotary cutter

Exclusive design! Ensures fast loading while preserving the silo structure.
Rosca inferior segmentada e Roscas superiores inteiriças

3.Segmented bottom screw and One-piece upper screws

Extra reinforced screw with removable blades. Allows a more aerated feed and ensures the use of the entire cubic capacity of the bucket.
Balança eletrônica

4.Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.
Revestimento do fundo da caçamba em aço inox

5. Bucket bottom stainless steel lining or full internal lining (Optional).

Greater durability due to abrasion of the diet.
Chassi com sistema hidráulico que abaixa a parte traseira ao nível do solo

6. Chassis with hydraulic system that lowers the rear to ground level.

Agility in loading the machine, as well as no floor interference in the scale weighing.
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