CRC-AP is a machine that provides high production with better cut quality, without tearing the grass stem.

CRC-AP forage harvester ensures an excellent cut size combined with high performance, ideal for grass and intercropped sorghum silage.

It is the only machine on the market that harvests wet forage without clogging. It allows for stacking to pre-drying the forage, in addition to an exclusive automatic blade sharpener that ensures operator safety.


Know about CRC

CRC-AP: alta produtividade e qualidade no corte


CRC-AP Afiador exclusivo e automático das facas

1. Exclusive and automatic blade sharpener

A Casale’s exclusive product! More safety and uniformity in sharpening the rotor blades.
CRC-AP Rotor repicador tipo cilíndrico

2. Cylindrical grinding rotor

High performance in the ideal size for silage.
CRC-AP Rotor recolhedor

3. Harvesting rotor

More productivity, from 25 to 30 ton/h!
CRC-AP Regulagem hidráulica de altura de corte

4. Hydraulic cutting height adjustment

Cut control and assertiveness according to the needs.
CRC-AP Prolongador de bica de descarga

5. Discharge chute extension (Optional)

More flexibility in the unloading height.
CRC-AP Aplicador automático de inoculante

6. Automatic inoculant applicator (Optional)

More uniformity in the application on the entire length of the silo.

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