Vertimix 20 AC feed mixer is a large-scale technology for working with small batches of animals, in addition to homogeneity in the mixture. It is operated by a single person, from loading to distribution.

Vertimix 20 AC quickly mixes any type of roughage, feed and silage, with low consumption of the tractor power.

Seeking to meet the needs of the market, Vertimix 20 AC is available in versions with traction and 3 rd point.


1. Standard stainless-steel bucket

More durability! Longer service life.

2. Rotary cutter

More efficiency! Quick loading while preserving the silo structure.

3. Vertical screw

More savings and productivity! Homogeneous mixture with low consumption of the tractor power.

4. Electronic scale

Control and precision! Assertiveness in procedures and distribution.

5. Discharge chute by gravity or PVC belt

Flexibility for use in troughs of different heights.

6. Adjustable counter blades

Efficiency in hay grinding.

7.Version with traction and 3 rd point

An ideal version according to the needs of your property.

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