Sega Pasto trimming provides uniform and rapid grass growth due to its 45 degreeblade cutting system, preserving the grass stem for efficient recovery. In addition, it has 2 meters of cutting area.

Sega Pasto is essential for the rotated pasture system, ensuring greater efficiency if trimming is done after each removal of the animals.


Know about Sega Pasto


Sega Pasto Rotor com 42 facas em ângulo 45 graus

1. Rotor with 42 blades at a 45-degree angle.

A Casale’s exclusive product! Quality cut that preserves the grass stem.
Sega Pasto Controle hidráulico de altura do corte

2. Hydraulic cutting height control.

Easier to choose the height of the grass cut.
Sega Pasto Aletas direcionadoras

3. Guiding fins

It allows spreading or stacking the harvested material

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