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  • Mill shredder of all kinds of bales of hay: prismatic, round, rectangular, etc.
  • Grain crop residues, straw, leaves, etc.
  • Milling of cereals, wet or dry maize.
  • High production.
  • Electronic rotation control.
  • Driven by tractor from 80 to 175 horsepower at 1000 TDP.
  • It can be used with electric or diesel engine.
  • It is equipped with 64 hardened steel hammers.
  • Robust structure and resistant rubber conveyor belt.
  • Weight 2.903 kg.
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 45,4 liters.


Big Bite image

“BIG BITE” is the name for this robust hammer mill. The mill is 1,130 mm long and the diameter of the mill in operation reaches 660 mm.

  1. The 64 swinging hammers are organized into eight heavy hammer sticks. Theses hammers have four hardened cutting edges. When a cutting edge of the hammer is worn, just rotate it to use the next available cutting edge, which guarantees to the equipment a long lifetime.
  2. A “hay driver” is installed near the center of the tubular tub floor and near the end of the mill box. This “hay driver” forces the hay or crop residues to take a path around the mill box. This improves the mill feed and reduces hammer wear.
  3. The “trailing fingers” reinforce the cutting action of the hammer and the flow of the product to the mill.
  4. “BIG BITE” hammers can swing, at maximum, up to 180˚. This limits the movement of the hammers in order to prevent them from being placed under conditions of difficult grinding.

A reliable 8-V belt drive system transmits power from TDP from the tractor to the mill. This drive system allows the mill to rotate at approximately twice the speed of the TDP. This higher rotation results in smooth feed and provides high milling capacity.


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Technical Data

Hay Mill Haybuster technical data table