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Technology used for the best confinements focused on freehold livestock production.

The ration mixer that is fully adopted by the large confinements is now available for freehold livestock. Rotormix Mini produces a homogeneous mixture in only 2 minutes. The mixer has an exclusive staggered rotor and a special stainless steel sheet metal applied to the parts that are most subjected to wear, ensuring to the equipment a long lifetime.

A Rotormix Mini is equipped with a modern hydraulic silage cutters device, which avoids to block the cutter during the downhill in case of improper operation. It also has a programmable electronic scale and unloading system by means of a belt conveyor, enabling troughs supplying of up 60 cm high.

This equipment can be pulled by a tractor trailer of only 40HP and does not need the third axis.

Technical characteristics:

  • Programmable electronic scale model HL15.
  • Hydraulic silage cutting device.
  • Stainless Steel sheet metal on the parts most subjected to wear.


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Optional Accessories

  • Programmable electronic scale with serial output.
  • Magnetic plate for discharge chute.
  • Grinding knives at the superior screw.

Technical Data

Rotormix Mini Technical Data Table