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A constant grass trimming ensures its greater growth uniformity and longer pasture life spam, bringing along economy and animal health. Sega Pasto produces trimming by fragmenting the grass remains and stems despised by the animals, facilitating its decomposition and incorporating to the soil as organic matter, while it causes a more rapid and uniform stump sprout.

It is important to differentiate the Sega Pasto effects on the pastures compared to the mower: the mower dilacerates the plant stem, retarding the stump sprout and endangering the useful pasture life spam, while the Sega Pasto cuts with less aggressiveness, allowing a healthier stump sprout of the plant, without fails.

The use of Sega Pasto is essential for the rotational grazing system, guaranteeing greater efficiency if the pruning is done after each removal of the animals.


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Technical Data

Technical Specifications SEGA PASTO
Production (ha/h) up to 2
Number of knives in the feedroll 42
Cutting width (mm) 2000
Adjustable cutting height (mm) 50 to 2000
Width (mm) 3010
Height (mm) 1000
Length (mm) 3530
Tires 9L-15 (2x)
Approximate weight (kg) 1300
Minimum power required at the TDP (CV) 60
Rotation at the TDP (RPM) 540