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The Feeder is the perfect total ration distribution system (pre-mixed) for your cattle; it was developed aiming to eliminate pre-mixed ration waste in the confined animal feed, allowing greater reliability in the operation. The Feeder does not use conveyors belts, a system that in large operations causes considerable waste, aside from provoking high maintenance level, which makes the operation more expensive.

The Feeder was projected with the objective of meeting the large scale confining handling. It is a robust equipment equipped with two low RPM conveyor screws placed in the bottom of the forage box which makes food move between the back and front, without compacting or fractioning the materials. The discharge is made through a discharge chute equipped with four small fast screws, which allow an efficient and homogenous feed of the feedlot.

With Casale Feeder you eliminate: high abrasion, high maintenance costs, high cost of chain conveyors replacement and you also avoid waste in the operation.

Technical characteristics:

  • Programmable electronic scale.
  • Bottom of chamber coated of stainless steel for better durability.
  • Main transmission with planetary gear reducer.
  • System load: screw conveyors.
  • Drive can be mechanical or hydraulic.


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Optional Accessories

  • Magnetics boards for discharge spout.
  • Hydrostatic drive.

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Technical Data

Technical Specifications FEEDER-175 FEEDER-210 FEEDER-250
Real mixing capacity (m3) 17.5 21 25
Maximum loading (kg) 8000 9600 11300
Discharge width (mm) 980 980 980
Width (mm) (1) 3100 3100 3100
Height (mm) (1) 2320 2750 2720
Length (mm) (1) 5680 5680 6430
Approximate weight (kg) 5600 5800 6400
Minimum required truck power -hydrostatic system (CV) 230 230 250
Minimum required truck power - mechanical system (CV) 190 190 -