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Biomass harvester and shredder

Robust equipment which operates at up to 45% higher rotations than CRC-AP/Casale forage harvesters, allowing a better performance and shredding in a proper size for burning in boilers.


  • Due to the automatic grinding systems of shredder rotor knives, the equipment provides a completely safe solution to operators, at low maintenance costs.
  • Fast harvesting of sugarcane straw and grass and high production levels.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Incorporated knife grinder (Casale patent).
  • High rotation feedroll.
  • High performance cylindrical shredder rotor.
  • Rotor knives are coated at the cutting area with tungsten carbide, which makes them self-sharpening.
  • Stainless steel discharge spout, hydraulically controlled.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of harvesting height.


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Technical Data

Technical Specifications CRC-180
Harvesting capacity (ton/h) 4
Feedroll knives 42
Shredder rotor knives 24
Harvestin width (mm) 1800
Adjustable collection height (mm) 90 a 320
Shredder rotor diameter (mm) 790
Auger conveyor diameter (mm) 280
Width (mm) 4432
Height (mm) 4350
Length (mm) 2869
Tires 11L - 15(2x)
Approximate weight (kg) 1550
Maximum required power at the TDP 50/85
Rotation at the TDP (RPM) 540