Haybuster H-800 is a high production hay Mill/Crusher from USA, for large round or prismatic bales, with spreading belt and wet or dry grain grinding kit.


Haybuster representative in Brazil


Haybuster H-800 Moinho de martelo

1. Hammer mill

Easier! Facilitates the grinding of wet hay without compromising the grinder.
Haybuster H-800 Sistema de transmissão por correias

2. Belt drive system

Lasts longer! Power transmission from TDP to fan and hammers.
Haybuster H-800 Variedade de peneiras

3. Variety of screens

More flexibility! Several screen size options.
Haybuster H-800 Bica de descarga com rotação 360 graus

4. Discharge chute with 360° rotation

Speed ​​and ease of operation!

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