+55 (16) 3411-5000
  Rod. Washington Luís, km 237, São Carlos - SP/BR
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Casale Equipamentos Ltda., company founded in 1964, is located in a set of modern premises on Washington Luís Road in São Carlos (SP) and holds approximately 115 employees utterly capable of meeting the demand for quality of products and services from the most demanding clients of the livestock and feedlots sector of meat and milk.

The department of development of the Casale product is consisted of high-rank engineers and technicians who work together by always seeking to innovate in solutions towards intensive livestock.

Every single Casale machine is traditionally projected and built to be sturdy, efficient and of easy maintenance in order to meet the work conditions of the Brazilian and Latin-American markets, which are the most demanding ones regarding the sturdiness requirement due to operational conditions.


Over the years, Casale had the pleasure of receiving major industry awards, which are source of pride and motivation. We are seven-time winner at Agroleite trophy, in the Total Mixed Ration category. In the same category, as well as for forage wagon, we are also ten times winner of Golden Bull Trophy of AG magazine.

Touro de Ouro Agroleite